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Live Edge Slabs For Sale

We have been building an inventory of local Washington DC and Maryland species for over 20 years.  Our focus has been on rescuing trees cut for development from the chipper, wind falls and diseased trees that are locally acquired. The history of these trees varies widely, and their stories are revealed when they are milled here on our farm.  The figure varies from tree to tree and is most clearly seen once the natural edge slabs have been finished. 


There are a variety of uses for these live edge or natural edge wood slabs.  Live edge or natural edge wood slabs can be used to create custom live edge counter tops, dining tables, shelves, coffee tables and gorgeous wall art.


Our sawyer works with great precision to make repeated parallel cuts, a technique known as “slabbing”. We leave the bark edges on thus leaving the natural “live edge” intact. Our preferred method of drying is air drying, as we find that a slow drying process brings out the best quality in the wood.  We can kiln dry for jobs that have a shorter time frame and our customers are just as happy with the results.


We like to work closely with our clients and guide them through the process of choosing that special piece and species that best fits their project.  We invite you to come and visit us so we can walk you through the varieties of different colors, shapes and size of color, shapes and sizes so you can discover your perfect one-of-kind piece.

We have the following species:





American Elm

Red Cedar


Tulip Poplar

Black Locust

Yellow Pine

Osage orange

Beech wood




Lengths up to 16Ft.

Widths up to 28 inches

Thickness 1-2 inches

All of our planks have been planed

Retail Outlets:

Wood Shop and Lumber sales: by appointment. 443-831-1781

3511 8th Ave.,

Suite 'C'

Baltimore, Md. 21226

Kendall's Hardware in Clarksville, Md.
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