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Our mission is to transform and heal the relationship between our human culture and the trees of the American landscape.  


Trees are beautiful.  Trees are loving.  Trees give us clean air, shady streets, organic matter for our gardens.  Trees give us food. Trees are useful.  They provide building materials for houses and furniture, and firewood for staying warm.  Trees inspire us. They show us how to stand strong, and how to be flexible, how to be rooted and how to be quiet.  Trees calm our spirits and open our hearts to a deeper appreciation of the miracle of life.


With Treincarnation, we work to bring a second beautiful life to trees which otherwise might have been thrown away.  Using logs felled by storms or removed to make way for development, we mill them into 'live edge' lumber, which is stacked and airdried for years. Working personally with our clients, we build custom furniture pieces, always seeking to discover and reveal the beauty in the wood, while designing to meet our client's needs and desires.


We work with homeowners, schools, and public institutions to honor and preserve the value of trees which must be removed from their properties, guiding them through the entire process of tree removal, lumber milling, and creating new, beautiful,  and useful woodworks.


As well we offer 'live edge' planks for sale.  We have been rescuing logs from the chipper for over 20 years in the Washington, D.C. area and have a large stock of boards and planks. Species include black walnut, cherry, mulberry, American elm, red elm, holly, white oak, hickory, osage orange, maple, catalpa, Chinese chestnut, yellow pine, and others.  Lumber can be purchased directly from us, and also from Community Forklift in Edmonston, Md. and Amicus Green Building Center in Kensington, Md.



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